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Admissions Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm. Saturday: by appoinment.


Admissions Policy

  1. Have a High School diploma or transcripts showing graduation date.

  2. Have a recognized equivalent of a High School Diploma such as a home schooled certificate by the state where the student resided during home school or a General Education Diploma (GED).

  3. Was home-schooled, and obtained a secondary school completion credential for home school (this is based on the TDLR policies).

  4. ABC accepts the Ability-to-Benefit criteria of a passing score of 210 on the Wonderlic QS1 (Math) and passing score of 200 on Wonderlic VS1 (English/Reading) examinations.

  5. Are at least 17 years of age.

  6. Are not currently enrolled at a primary or secondary institution.

  7. In order to determine eligibility for title IV, students must comply with our SAP policy given to each student during orientation.

  8. All programs at ABC are at least 24 clock hours a week; which is the minimum required hours to be considered a full time program. Advanced Beauty College defines an academic year as 900 clock hours with attendance in at least 26 weeks.

  9. Is not in default, and certifies that he or she is not in default, on a loan made under any Title IV, HEA loan program; has not obtained loan amounts that exceed annual or aggregate loan limits made under any Title IV, HEA loan program; does not have property subject to a judgment lien for a debt owed to the United States and is not liable for a grant or Federal Perkins loan overpayment.

  10. Has a valid social security number.

  11. We do not require vaccinations, however student should check with their family doctor for any required recommended vaccinations.


Enrollment Requirements

  1. Have an interview with an admissions representative.

  2. Submit a completed Enrollment Contract (to be provided by your Admissions Representative) with a $100.00 registration fee.

  3. You may change class dates or course prior to the first day of your scheduled start date.

  4. Document proof of age by submitting driver's license, birth certificate or passport.

  5. Document proof of immigration status by submitting birth or naturalization certificate, resident alien card (green card), appropriate visa issued by USCIS.



Transfer Students

Applicants for transfer are considered on an individual basis. ABC may, at its discretion, refuse transfers if admission requirements, including tuition, cannot be met.


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